Transaction Processing Solutions (TPS), Inc. was founded with the mission statement:

Provide clients the necessary consulting services and software tools to be a single source of expertise in building Tuxedo based applications, enabling the client to build applications right the first time.

TPS, Inc. concentrates on building Enterprise Online Transaction Processing (EOLTP) applications and architectures for large scale operations. Typical projects would be applications with 5000 online users, a database of 1/2 a terrabyte, a system with a dozen or more CPUs, processing several hundred transactions/second, and operating 24X7 with 99.98% uptime or better. Most applications involve the Tuxedo Transaction Monitor from BEA Systems.

TPS, Inc. guides its clients through the entire LifeCycle of an EOLTP system, from concept through deployment and beyond. TPS, Inc. provides the expertise and tools to insure success of the client's EOLTP projects. TPS, Inc. does this by focusing on sound Engineering Principles, and not just pushing the latest technology hype.

TPS, Inc.'s expertise extends into Performance Tuning and Capacity Planning. This helps insure that applications have the best possible performance and can meet and exceed capacity requirements with the minimum of hardware.

TPS Inc. also has extensive experience implementing various levels of Security around EOLTP applications. This includes Encryption and Digital Signature technologies.